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DG Apps is the medical professional’s guide to the world of iPhone and iPad apps. It’s where you’ll find the very best, the very latest and the most relevant professional practice apps for your specialty.

How does it work? Our expert editorial team reviews all medical apps as soon as they reach the App store – selecting only the ones intended for a physician audience. Those of sufficiently high calibre are then organized into searchable categories.

When you register for DG Apps and tell us your specialty, sub-specialty and particular interests, the apps you see will be filtered accordingly. Staying within your specialty area, DG Apps will also showcase the latest releases, the top user picks and apps from internationally-renowned institutions and respected authors.

The result? A source of high quality, highly relevant apps that you can quickly and easily search and explore.

DG Apps is a product of the highly-respected Doctors Guide Publishing Ltd., an independent news organization that’s been serving the information needs of physicians worldwide since 1995.